cucumber cats

Cucumbers Are A Threat

Many agencies have received a number of reports about the potentially fatal threat of cucumbers. Humans are recording the interaction between cats and cucumbers, and then uploading the videos online.
Nationwide Issues With Cat Bowls

Nationwide Issues With Cat Bowls

Washington, DC Cats all over the country are reporting issues with their bowls. This is a national disaster of epic proportions, and some experts believe it may be worldwide.
cat pissed off at dog

Cat Wants Roommate Rehomed

Decatur, Illinios Figaro, a ten-year-old cat, is looking for a new place for his roommate to live. Figaro has lived with his servants for all of his life,...


cat with catnip
Washington, DC The FCA, Feline Catnip Agency, reports that catnip sales are at a record high. More and more cats are enjoying the benefits of catnip, however, the FCA warns that there is ‘too much’ counterfeit catnip on the market. Jasper, a senior executive...
cat sleeping on the couch
Manhattan, New York Luna, a three-year-old cat, has found herself the subject of several media reports. On Saturday evening, Luna noticed that one of her servants had left a particularly comfortable spot on the sofa. She immediately took the spot and went to...
cat sees rain out the window
Sioux Falls, South Dakota A cat has made a complaint after discovering that the weather is identical at all entrances to her home. Coco, a six year old cat, has sent her complaint through her lawyer. Court documents state that her home has...
Waco, Texas It has emerged today that a cat was forced into leaving his own food for his people servants. Milo, a two year old cat had caught himself a very tasty mouse, and sources say he was looking forward to eating it. When...