Waco, Texas It has emerged today that a cat was forced into leaving his own food for his people servants.

Milo, a two year old cat had caught himself a very tasty mouse, and sources say he was looking forward to eating it. When he brought it back to his house, he realized that his people servants had no tasty mice of their own.

In an act of extreme kindness, the handsome cat left his mouse for them. Sources close to Milo have said that this is something he has to do on a regular basis.

‘Milo’s people are terrible at hunting for themselves. He has to leave them something almost every day. We had all thought that they would get better at hunting, but this hasn’t happened. Milo rarely gets to enjoy his own kills, because he feels that he has to feed his people servants.’

Sources say that Milo is expecting to have to feed his people servants repeatedly in the coming weeks.


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