Concord, New Hampshire A cat in New Hampshire has reported that he had to wake up his human staff to attend to his breakfast.

Rosco reported his staff for failing to wake up at the appropriate time. He reported going to his bowl, finding it empty and then needing to locate his staff himself. Rosco was deeply upset by this incident.

Rosco said that he had to walk into the bedroom, where he found his staff sleeping. He was forced into jumping onto the bed, and putting his claws into their ankles to wake them up. Once the staff had woken, they took a further fifteen minutes to fill his food bowl. He states that they made coffee, put on toast, and turned on the television before seeing to his needs.

Rosco says he felt that he had no choice but to report his staff for neglecting their duties. He would urge other cats to report their staff if they are faced with similar neglect.


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