Decatur, Illinios Figaro, a ten-year-old cat, is looking for a new place for his roommate to live.

Figaro has lived with his servants for all of his life, and until recently was very happy with his home life. He says that around a year ago, his servants brought home a new roommate – a dog.

“It is very annoying. It pants all day. It runs in circles and chases its tail. And it’s stupid,” he said, speaking with Pets Meow’s popular presenter, Misty.

Figaro does admit that there is a language barrier. The dog wags its tail all the time, and Figaro says he “thinks its annoyed all the time, but it turns out that’s just what they do when they’re happy.” Figaro has tried to make the situation as easy as possible, but now believes that there is no moving forward.

“It just needs to go somewhere else. I can’t live with it any more. There needs to be a court process to help evict these types of unwanted roommates, but there isn’t. I can’t do anything, other than hope that someone leaves the gate open.”

The situation is ongoing as Figaro looks to offload his canine roommate.


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