Washington, DC The FCA, Feline Catnip Agency, reports that catnip sales are at a record high. More and more cats are enjoying the benefits of catnip, however, the FCA warns that there is ‘too much’ counterfeit catnip on the market.

Jasper, a senior executive at the FCA, stated that there is a large amount of low quality catnip available. He says that the active ingredient can dry out over time, and some producers are selling old catnip.

“The effects of catnip only last for around ten minutes, and it takes about two hours for the feline body to be able to process it effectively again. As these windows are narrow, it’s really important that you get the best possible catnip. You can still use dried catnip, but you do need to make sure that it’s been recently dried.”

The FCA recommend that all cats have their servants grow a pot of catnip on the windowsill. The herb is easy to grow, if you have opposable, green thumbs.


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