Boston, MA Insider information reveals a new report on the actual purpose of curtains will be released soon. This report will state that the real reason for curtains is for cats to climb.

For many years, humans believed that the purpose of curtains was to furnish ‘their’ homes. Cats, however, knew the truth – curtains were for climbing. The debate raged on for many years. Humans were often overheard telling cats not to climb the curtains.

Experts in the Cat Bureau have been conducting research and studies into this argument. Sources say their report is almost ready for publication, and contains research to prove, once and for all, that curtains are exclusively designed for cats to climb.

Many cats are excited about the findings. Chloe, from Florida, says she can’t wait to climb the curtains in her home, while Xander, in Boston is looking forward to hearing them rip down from the curtain pole.


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