Memphis, TN Reports have come in from various sources on a cat who has an unusually large number of boxes.

Lily, a five-year-old cat, discovered that her human servant had made a large order on Amazon when fifteen cardboard boxes of varying sizes arrived at her home. Lily revealed that she was woken in the middle of the night to the sounds of her human servant giggling. She realized that the human was doing something called ‘drunken Amazon ordering.’

Lily saw the delivery human taking out box after box until he had left them all on the porch. The contents of the boxes were irrelevant, and idiotic human nonsense. However, Lily reports that her human repeated certain phrases, such as “oh God,” and “why did I think I needed this?” Once the boxes were unpacked, Lily claimed all the boxes for herself.

She reports no plans to share any of her boxes with her neighbors.


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