Albany, New York Tibbs, a handsome cat from New York, reports that his owner regularly complains when he tries to help him at work.

Tibbs reports that his owner spends all day working on a laptop. He says that his owner is often stressed, and works long hours. Tibbs tries to help him, by sitting on the laptop, lying on paperwork, and jumping onto his owners lap.

Speaking with Pets Meow, Tibbs said, “Jeff works all the time. He can even forget to eat. I try to help him by reminding him, and sometimes I try to do what he does. I’ll get up on the computer and read the paperwork. I just can’t believe that Jeff complains when all I’m doing is helping.”

Tibbs says his owner can become upset with him, but he doesn’t intend to stop helping. He believes that if he leaves Jeff to his own devices he will not stop working.


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