Sioux Falls, South Dakota A cat has made a complaint after discovering that the weather is identical at all entrances to her home.

Coco, a six year old cat, has sent her complaint through her lawyer. Court documents state that her home has two doors, and several windows. Her submissions state that she had intended on sunbathing outside, but the rain made this impossible.

Coco alleges that she instructed a servant to open the door for her but discovered that it was raining outside. She then instructed the servant to open the other door, and she specifies that she told the servant to change the weather.

Speaking to Pets Meow, Coco said ‘I told him I wanted sunny weather, not rain. When he opened the other door, he hadn’t changed the weather. There was rain at both doors. The whole episode was very distressing.’

Coco’s lawyer says that his client wants immediate changes made, and some form restitution for her distress. She believes that a large bag of turkey treats would be appropriate compensation.


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